Trend colours for 2018

The colour palette of new colours for the cold season is great: violet and brown frosted pastel waiting for us.Cool pastels in pink, mint and light blue work wonderfully romantic for the winter. Designers such as ChloƩ, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen and Dior put on the frosty colours and collections that look like a winter wonderland.

Bordeaux and Purple

You cannot in winter without dark. Therefore, dark, confident colours such as Bordeaux and violet will dominate in the coming winter. Both colours have a gloomy effect and at the same time passionate combination. Alexander Wang and Jason Wu select dark red and burgundy colour silk and velvet for their collection. MiuMiu designed masculine business suits in purple and Bordeaux.

Red-orange aura indicates

Besides pastels and muted tones, we will also shine in winter and that in red-orange. Designers such as Valentino, Isabel Marant, Givenchy, Prada, Jil Sander, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Jason Wu and Marc-by-Marc Jacobs also offer red-orange colour blobs.

Clothes for women: Tips & Tricks for the right look

Important styling tips for women

It would be good to put on a dress from soft flowing fabrics. These materials look just as well on the fluffy ladies, as and on the weaker.

If you want to conceal his large breasts must draw attention to the lower body, and who has sturdy legs should emphasize the upper body – with colours, prints or even with shoulder pads.The pants should always be cut straight.

Everything you should avoid:

This includes large pockets on jackets, cargo pants or pleated skirts. In addition, crop tops, low-rider jeans and sleeveless tops and dresses are a taboo.

The right accessories for women

Therefore, the look is not boring, and always put colour accessories, which makes for a nice contrast to a plain outfit.

Jewellery and accessories

Jewellery and accessories are available in numerous shapes, colours and materials. Gold, silver and leather is always in demand and many vendors mix the materials so that the continuous development of new and innovative creations. Fashion jewelry production is developed each season. Take advantage!

High quality clothes for the baby – How do I recognize quality?

A baby is the centre of life for each pair of parents. The new life brings a lot of joy, but also wants to be introduced according to our world. This also includes the matching garments.

Fashion in education

The correct handling of the clothes can be taught. At the forefront is often keeping clean clothes.

Also important is the composition of matter. Since babies have a soft skin care, it should be taken in the selection of clothes on. In addition, small babies should always wear comfortable clothes that keep body warm and at the same time easy to dress and undress. Most of them are push buttons, which ensure that parents easily can change the diaper without having to undress completely the child.

The baby clothing organic cotton is also very good for your baby’s sensitive skin and especially protects children who suffer from a young age to allergies.
Fashion in all sizes

Many fashion labels who specializes in children’s fashion, offer clothes in different sizes.In any case, the baby’s skin needs to get used to new materials within the shortest possible time. Similarly, the high quality baby clothing is available in the same colours but is used differently depending on the collection. The result is different collections, especially for summer and winter.

Cute hats belong to the summer; while tights and cute little sweater baby clothes include organic wool in the winter. There are appropriate models for the girls, and for boys. Always are very popular animal motifs or comic characters.The conclusion is that even small babies need nice clothes in which they feel comfortable.

What should I wear my baby in the summer?

All parents want to dress their baby is not only pretty and practical, but also according the weather conditions. Opinions are however sometimes diverge. It is extremely important not to freeze to the health and well-being of infants.The baby clothes in summer should not in itself be different from these for the adult. The slight clothes can therefore be as reasonable as for example only a body or a pair of shorts, when it is very hot.